Being Left-handed is Sinister?

A few months ago, when I was trying to figure out the meaning of life, I randomly searched for any clues that would help me understand myself better so that I could understand others. Because I really believe that if you want to understand others, you need to understand yourself first.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always felt “different” from others. What stuck out the most was the fact that I was pretty much one of the few kids in class that wrote with their left hand. I was also sent to the “special” side of the computer lab a few grades in elementary school because my teachers felt that I was a “slow” learner.

I thought maybe I was dumb because I wrote with my left hand. So I started teaching myself to write with my right hand. I didn’t want anyone to think I was “dumb” anymore. I practiced all the way up until I started attending high school, where nice handwriting was more important than what hand you write with. I can still write with my right hand and the handwriting is almost identical to the left (as shown below) but I choose not to. Why? Because after all these years of practicing, it’s still not as comfortable and I’m more creative when I write with my left hand.


The only reason I know this is because creativity strikes hardcore when I’m writing with my left hand as opposed to my right, or even typing. I used to have an e-journal some time ago but did away with that because I just couldn’t type anything but once I grabbed the pen with my left hand, hallelujah! I learned to accept that I was just different not dumb.

However, those negative thoughts I had experienced about myself from elementary school resurfaced a few months ago. I remembered thinking it was because I’m a leftie. I googled the shit out of it and what I found was pretty amazing. Some of my favorite celebrities, whom I believe to be extremely intelligent and creative, are left-handed… ahem, Morgan Freeman. It appears that we lefties use the right hemisphere of our brain, which is the side of creativity and intuition. Sweet! But we are also considered sinister because we are more prone to having anger issues, bad luck and some other evil and deviant problems. Not so sweet.

To me, this seems to convey the idea that if someone is experiencing a series of unfortunate events or shows some kind of hostility, they’re more likely to be left-handed. Um, no. I can go through some crappy luck and get rather fired up and livid about stupid shit once in a while, but who doesn’t? People who are right-handed, right? Ha!

The funny thing about all this is that even though I write and eat with my left hand, I am not left side dominant. I’m actually cross dominant. I throw with my right hand and kick with my right foot, therefore, I’m not a southpaw. I thought I was ambidextrous but that’s only if you can use both sides equally and well, I can’t. But it doesn’t matter because I’ve accepted the complexity of my overall body dominance and I know I’m very intuitive and creative. Hell, we all are in our own unique way.

So, now that I’ve started a blog, I feel that I’ll be able to go with the ebb and flow of sharing my ideas soon, but only if I use my dominant writing hand every day in my journal. After all, that’s where the magic happens. 🙂

via Daily Prompt: Dominant

5 thoughts on “Being Left-handed is Sinister?

  1. hmmm… I read the whole post and let me tell you, Me, my hubby and my kid we all are left handed people and we are pretty creative in our respective fields…You should consider yourself rather feeling an odd one our cause only the world 2% population is left-handed and most of famous celebrities and personalities are left handed…the most recent example our 44 presidents Barack Obama. As far as the anger issues are concerned, we all are of different temperament in our family which negates the fact that the left-handed people have anger issues. So Enjoy being a left-handed person and welcome to the club!!

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  2. I found this post very interesting. I’m also a leftie but like you, I eat and write with my left hand but do pretty much everything else right handed. I always thought I was ambidextrous! I bowl right handed, bat right-handed and kick with my right foot. I always wondered if all that was from growing up in a right-handed world. I do surgery right handed also. There was a surgeon in vet school who was forever trying to get me to do surgery left handed but it was too awkward and it messed with my brain…. of course left handed surgeons require some special instruments too. I read a book on left-handedness once and it was very interesting. Some of the smartest people I’ve known in my life are lefties. Here’s to left handedness!!

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