My Perfect, Quintessential Man


He is inscrutable. He is Hoot from Black Hawk Down.

“You know what I think? Don’t really matter what I think.”

“When I go home, people ask me, “Hey Hoot, why do you do it, man? Why? You some kind of war junkie?” I won’t say a goddamn word. Why? They won’t understand why we do it. They won’t understand it’s about the men next to you… and that’s it. That’s all it is.”


Black Hawk Down is one of my favorite movies, which is based on the true events that occurred at the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993. Hoot is my favorite character. He is based off Delta Force’s Norm Hooten but his personality is actually comprised of other Delta Force operators as well.

Hoot is sexy, mysterious, has a sense of humor, is a leader and is willing to take initiative when others can’t or won’t. He’s a stoic and I love the stoic mentality.

Stoics are calm, confident and compassionate yet they keep to themselves. They’ve been through tough times and have seen a lot of traumatic shit, so it seems as if they don’t budge under pressure. They’ve experienced the complexity of life, yet seem to keep things simple. They’re fearless and misunderstood. They’re natural philosophers who inspire others and stay true to their humble approach in life. They are physically and mentally strong. They don’t compare themselves to others but instead lend a helping hand. They’re so secure with themselves that they don’t buy into the superficial bullshit nor do they put up with it; they keep their emotions intact. And best of all, they know how to pull off a great poker face.

I feel these type of people are inscrutable. You see their actions but always want to know what’s going inside their head because they hardly say a damn word! But I love it! It’s intriguing, like a complex 7x7x7 rubix cube. You see the complexity in it, you want to solve it, it’s exciting, you get some hints every now and then, but it’s going to take some time to figure it out with the possibility that you may never figure it out.

When it comes to relationships, I’m picky about who I spend time with romantically, which is why I’m single. I haven’t met anyone like Hoot as I feel these types are few and far between. I have come very close though, but I know he’s out there and I’m just waiting to meet him.

via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable

5 thoughts on “My Perfect, Quintessential Man

  1. You know that maybe all the quiet demeanor is them trying to figure out what others are trying to tell them. 😉 Or maybe they are just confident and know it. I would guess until you really get to know one you may never know… HA!

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