The Axioms I Follow In Life

There are 3 axioms I follow, as I believe 3 is the magic number. They all resonate with me deeply without me even trying to figure out why. I guess that's why they're called axioms. But even though they are axioms, I found them to prove their logical point. The 3 axioms I follow in … Continue reading The Axioms I Follow In Life

Habits: What’s Your Belief System Comprised Of?

There are so many different belief systems out in the world. As you get older, you start to wonder what you are truly conversant with and what really resonates with you, such as, your philosophy in life and/or religion. The minds of children are very fragile; they are super absorbent information sponges. Why? Because the … Continue reading Habits: What’s Your Belief System Comprised Of?

Were Ancient Philosophers Smoking Crack?

Probably. I've always been interested in learning about ancient philosophy, even though I feel that most of it is way above my intellectual caliber. There is just something interesting about the way in which everything works or perceived from an ancient philosophical standpoint. Is red really red? If so, what is the redness of red … Continue reading Were Ancient Philosophers Smoking Crack?