The Past Is the Past

…and that’s just where it needs to be.

It’s funny how we spend most of our waking hours either dwelling on the past or focusing on the future, but never staying in the present moment. It’s a constant battle.

I know it’s not easy to stay in the present moment because we all have been given the gift of emotions and memories. But if we put our emotions to the side for a moment, we can see that we have the choice to make better memories in the present moment instead of dwelling on the past, which is what we can never get back.

So get out of your comfort zone on a regular basis and make some great memories for yourself, even if it’s just baby steps. It’s good for the soul and your future self will thank you. Cheers!


via Daily Prompt: Constant

6 thoughts on “The Past Is the Past

    1. Thanks! Me too but of course I’m trying to keep an open mind of all the possible obstacles that may come my way. I’m in Williams, Arizona just 60 miles south of the Grand Canyon and it was -13 degrees Celcius this morning with ice and snow. I was not prepared for this and neither was my Jeep. Haha but we’ll make do 😊

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