Self Worth Is Not Determined By Followers or Likes

Unless you want it to be.

True self worth is determined by how you feel about yourself, not what others feel or appear to feel about you. It’s called self worth because it deals with the self. Otherwise, it would be called “what others think about me” worth.

I’m inspired to spread ideas that may help people live a better life because it truly makes me happy, not because I want likes and followers.

So, I’ve observed the way in which most people determine their self worth nowadays: The more followers and likes I have, the better of a person I am.

Well, that’s unfortunate. What if no one followed you and no one liked the shit you post on social media? How would that make you feel? You probably would not be thinking “life is good”. Then anxiety would come rain on your parade. You’re upset and anxious because you don’t get that dopamine rush like a drug addict gets their high. You cannot control who follows and likes your shit, you can only control how you feel about yourself.

People from all walks of life will like you regardless of what your life entails on social media because there are people who you will deeply resonate with. You probably just haven’t met them yet because you are too busy depending on social media to do it for you. If social media is doing more harm than good, get outside more often and meet new people or if you don’t like people, just go pet dogs.

I am a huge advocate of authenticity and self love. Write and do whatever you want but only if it makes YOU happy and comes from the heart. You’ll be amazed at the radiant energy you bring in when you fully embrace your authenticity and self love: happiness, creativity, badassery and good whole hearted values.

When you are looking outside of yourself to determine your self worth, you attract what is not you: anxiety, depression, doubt and shitty values.

I’ve experienced seeking outside of myself to seek my self worth many times in many different situations and still deal with it every now and then. But I’m getting better at becoming aware of it, so it happens less.

And what I’ve learned from this whole “seeking outside of myself to determine my self worth” is that if I really like you and what you write about, the follows and likes will come from the heart. However, understand that if I didn’t “like” it, it could be that I never got around to reading it. But regardless if I did or not, “liking” it shouldn’t matter, right? Cheers!


Photo: Me admiring the warmth of my weatherized Vans, the beauty of snow and the big footprint nearby.

15 thoughts on “Self Worth Is Not Determined By Followers or Likes

  1. Maybe some people that are just liking and not commenting are new and not comfortable with commenting yet, maybe? I tnink we all get them sometimes, where someone goes on and likes about 10 of your posts all at one time, it’s like you know they havent even read them. Most people are genuine though, that’s what I try to take away from it.

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    1. I came back late the other night. I wasn’t planning on it but my sister text me a few days ago asking if I was going to be in Cali this weekend to go hiking with her. I also felt she was really worried about me. So I wrapped up my travels to the Four Corners and headed back. I made sure to stop in Flagstaff and my favorite place to be – Sedona, Arizona, to do some hiking before going back. So now, I’m back, wondering where I should travel to next and what I need to do to get there. 🤔😊


    1. I very much agree! It took me a long time to realize that what matters first and foremost is how we feel about ourselves. For many years I was seeking things outside of myself. It seemed to work for many years, then it finally stopped once my awakening happened.

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  2. Hi Jen,

    I think that our self-worth should be determined by our courage and our drive to do the things that scare us. The more competent we become, the more confident. That is about it. If we let our sense of self be determined by outside factors (statistics, etc.) then we are going to suffer. The more we want, the more we have, yet the more we suffer because it does not feel enough.

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