What Kind of Friends Do You Keep Around?

As they say, “Having 4 quarters is more valuable than having 100 pennies.” As a whole, their value is the same but individually, not even close.

I’ve always believed that true friends are very far and few in between and we should value them to the max. They’re the quarter friends who will always gravitate back to you, regardless of what direction in life you take. And you should never “depend” on them for anything as you should always depend on yourself.Everyone else is a passerby penny friend who will either stop along their journey to teach you a thing or two or flip you the bird.

Regardless of who we meet, we learn from everyone and we should thank them in a way, peace out, then scoot along our own journey. And we should always appreciate and show gratitude towards our quarter friends because they’re just awesome like that as they represent the royal flush in our lives, with our own self worth representing the Ace.

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