Earning My Way Through Life

The struggle has been real for me. Why? Because I chose it that way.

The people I admire the most in life are the ones who truly earned everything they have. The more disciplined, diligent, and resilient someone is towards their goals in life, the more respect I have for them.

There’s so much talk about people hustling and how they “made it” only to find out that a lot of their earnings and whatever material gains they received were actually from cutting corners or misleading people in some way. I’m not saying all people are like this but in today’s society, with regards to instant gratification, I feel many people have subconsciously become very lazy and entitled. Therefore, the easiest way to receive anything is through deception and machiavellianism.

I guess that’s why life has been a struggle for me. I subconsciously don’t want anything that I didn’t truly earn and I don’t want to deceive people in any way. I would rather get paid a fraction of a penny for every blog view I have over $100 for every blog view that someone else wrote for me. Because to me, if my blog content is really valuable to others, it will show without having to resort to some kind of deception.

Gifts are one thing, and I’ve learned over the years to accept some of them, however, from my past experiences, many gifts can also turn into some kind of silent obligation. And that doesn’t fly with me.

The only time I will accept a gift is if I had done something for someone prior to receiving a gift and they wanted to return a gift as a way of saying thank you. It’s always unnecessary because I enjoy doing things for people without receiving anything in return but to reject another person’s form of gratitude is pretty fucked up.

I don’t intend for my life to just be plagued with constant struggles and adversities to earn my way through life but when they do happen, they cause me to, as Bruce Lee quotes, “Be Like Water”.


Photo: Me near the San Gorgonio Pass wind farm trying not to get blown over by the high winds.

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