All About Spirituality, the Way I Understand It

There’s so much hype around the word “spirituality”.

What really makes a person spiritual?

I’ll admit, I understood spirituality in a totally different way a year ago than how I understand it now. Hopefully my understanding will just keep evolving because I’m aware that there’s a lot in life that I’m unaware of.

The way I understood spirituality before had something to do with giving human attributes to the imaginative translucent puffs of energy (spirits), being involved with people who practiced yoga and talked about healing Mother Earth, collecting all kinds of crystals thinking they would solve my problems, thinking I had specific soul mates, lighting up incense and sage sticks to make demons go away, dressing a certain way that made me look spiritual, etc.

The way I understand spirituality now is radically different. Everything is energy (I already knew that) and the pineal gland in our brain acts as an antenna to connect with everything else in this Universe, therefore everyone is our soul mate, not just certain people. What I used to consider a spirit with human attributes is just plain invisible energy. Thinking that a spirit or demon will either come to rescue or destroy you is giving them the human attribute of emotions and let’s be honest, that’s a little silly.

Energy is neutral and invisible on its own until it takes up some form, whether it be positive or negative. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. If we were able to see the workings of all energy, it would be like highlighting every sentence in a book. But because we can’t see all energy with our eyes, there’s a continuous standoff between spirituality and science. Some things are just not meant to be seen or known as opposed to things that can be proven to be seen or known. We know that as yin/yang or balance.

For example, anything wireless. Being able to accept and understand that you don’t need an actual physical wire for something wireless to work is spiritual because you understand that energy doesn’t need to be seen in the form of a wire to make something work. Yet so many people find it difficult to believe things they cannot see first.

The only thing I feel that’s actually legit spiritual which has been stigmatized is meditation. It doesn’t matter how you dress, how many pictures of Buddha you hang up in your house, or how zen you want people to think you are with your mandala tapestry hanging over your bed, if you actually meditate, none of those things will matter. You won’t care to show how spiritual you are because you’re more focused on working with your own core energy that allows your heart to beat and the pineal gland in your brain to function properly. The heart and brain work synergistically to create the healthy flow of energy. Remember that.

So being spiritual really means working with energy in a way where you can physically see the positive manifestations in the material world without seeing it in the beginning, using flow. You know, instead of “see it to believe it”, you actually “believe it to see it”. The only thing stopping people from working with energy where they believe something first is from lack of self awareness through meditation and from all the woo woo ideas that people have come up with that are just confusing because they are confused themselves.

This is why religion has become such a toxicity to the human race. It’s great to have a belief system but when your subconscious mind fills up with hate from confusion and your conscious mind is unaware and isn’t clear, the true intention of what a human should believe in becomes very distorted and destructive. Your heart and brain start to miscommunicate and the energy you should be working with start to flicker like a light bulb that’s about to burn out.

Get what I’m sayin’?

So, with this said, and to sum up spirituality in one sentence: Humans should believe in kindness that stems from the inner joy of our core existence through practice and understanding of energy and self awareness.

I think this is something everyone could agree on. Wouldn’t you agree? To me, working with that kind of energy is true spirituality.

One thought on “All About Spirituality, the Way I Understand It

  1. Ah grasshopper you have learned well. Stop leaving and you will arrive, stop searching and you will see, stop running away and you will be found.

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