Traveling and My Thoughts on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Traveling is an awesome thing to experience, but maybe not so much when there’s a worldwide pandemic going on.

As much as I want to keep traveling around, I am doing my part as a law abiding citizen to stay put until told it’s ok to travel again.

I had been doing a lot of traveling in my Jeep since the beginning of February and just cut my trip in half towards Nova Scotia earlier this week due to many travel restrictions and quarantine procedures that were put into effect on March 16th. I ended up getting as far as Providence, Rhode Island and drove back to my home base at my sister’s house located in central New York.

Other than that, I would say I’ve traveled between 7k-8k miles nationwide. I left the west coast at the beginning of February to be around family and friends on the east coast. It was a last minute decision and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, fast forward to today and I feel it was the best last minute decision I’ve made so far this year.

Traveling in my Jeep has definitely become a huge sigh of relief for me because I’ve learned just how much of a true nomad I am. The fact that I just couldn’t stay in one spot for a long time and that I have impulses to constantly travel without any regards to what most people consider adult responsibilities labeled me as a reckless and irresponsible.

However, just when I really started to feel like I should stop traveling and partake in the typical, old fashioned, boring, routine life of a 9-5 job kind of lifestyle because I felt everyone is doing so much better than me and is in a better headspace than I, a pandemic occurs.

This is when the most vulnerable parts of “normalized people” come out and I start to feel like I have the upper hand in life. I don’t panic, but rather try to find solutions to what we may have to deal with now in the future as far as survival tactics.

I heard about the beginning stages of the COVID-19 back in mid January. This was around when I started to feel bored and stagnant in life, once again. I was also irritated with the fact that when the beginning stages of this virus leaked out, most people only cared about the death of Kobe Bryant and joked about how this new virus was just a hoax.

Now, no one talks about Kobe, but is rather freaking out and hoarding massive amounts of toilet paper because the virus has been declared a pandemic. I should not be surprised with this kind of idiotic behavior because to be honest, I feel like I live in an age full of humans who don’t have the ability to think for themselves nor do they have the ability to be self reliant and clear headed.

If most humans were open minded, clear headed and self reliant, COVID-19 would not become a pandemic and the economy would not be where it’s at right now.

However, as of right now, I feel we are in the beginning stages of a nasty economic crisis for the next few years, even when the virus starts to pipe down. Fortunately, I’m not freaking out about it and I leave my investments alone because I feel I understand why all this is happening. In fact, I feel more civilized as a human now that this pandemic has occurred because I see just how gullible and weak minded people really are by the idiotic behaviors they display.

What are your opinions about this pandemic and the future of the economy? Are you a clear headed individual or do you panic in a state of emergency?


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