Some Lessons Learned From Blogging

I’ve hopped back on again and I don’t intend to leave! What was once “Jen’s Life” is now “The Resilience Swing”.

Earlier this year, I decided to buy my own self-hosted site on and export everything from, even my followers. The reason why is because is a hosted site that I “rent” from, not own and because I had taken a lot of advice from successful bloggers that highly recommended self-hosting sites.

So what happened for a good period of time seemed like a huge shit show of a mess but actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

I couldn’t use a .blog for my website URL on my self-hosted site and was taken, so I needed to come up with something else. I came up with and tried to combine my life philosophy with my Jeep life which didn’t work out at all. I was a bit annoyed with everything for a while because I had just renewed my for another year and bought a new website but couldn’t transfer the URL.

Anyways I just focused on trying to make things work with what I considered to be my new self-hosted “Jeep philosophy” website and it failed miserably. Not only did I lose all of my followers from by trying to migrate them, but the vast majority of the Jeep owners that did come to my self-hosted website from my Jeep Instagram page questioned me about the goal of that website.

I thought about it and realized the content wasn’t very relevant to my URL and a lot of the posts were deep philosophy stuff that probably didn’t appeal to most of my Jeep visitors. I’m sure they wanted to visit to check out more of the Jeep/travel stuff I post on Instagram.

So I decided to separate philosophy from my Jeep/travel stuff by exporting all of my philosophy posts back to my site since I’m still “renting” it. I also thought it was a good idea anyways because I had more feedback and interaction on my philosophy from other bloggers.

Now I have 2 websites that I intend to keep.

  1. (The Resilience Swing) –  A hosted site (rent)
    This is to keep blogging about life philosophies and such that may help others get through those difficult times in life. Also to interact with other bloggers because I can’t do that with my self-hosted site.
  2. – A self-hosted site (own)
    This is to share my Jeep life from my photos of my nomad adventures to future modifications. A lot of my followers from my Jeep Instagram account visit as an extension of what I post on there. It’s a work in progress right now.

I’m happy with this decision as I feel these topics/niches work better independently than combined. I also get the best of both worlds because there are a lot of perks to having a self-hosted site as well as a hosted site.

Even though the transitions and various changes were a bit of a hassle, I learned a lot and I’m happy with how things are situated now. However, what really sucks is I lost all of my blogging followers and I have a ton of new content to produce for my Jeep site, so it’s not so empty. But that’s ok, earning new followers and producing new Jeep content are new goals to obtain!

With all that said, what kind of lessons have you learned from blogging?cropped-cropped-img_2281

6 thoughts on “Some Lessons Learned From Blogging

  1. As I just did add your name to testimonials and wanted to link to both your sides, I discovered that you are missing the colon in which is why it doesn’t work (also bad for the search engines).

    And as I said: Don’t worry at all about your loss of readers – you having 14 likes already again with in such a short time shows that your fans still get your messages through their readers.
    It was a good cleansing for me to have gotten rid of all my followers.


      1. … but I move on with love (I always liked you)
        and btw: “The resilience swing” is a great name – suits your picture and your mentality. you could use it even as another blog-name.
        Keep doing what you are doing !


        1. Thank you and also thanks for giving me a heads up about my broken link.
          You are allowed to have an opinion. I don’t expect all comments and discussions to be all sunshine and rainbows. And I’m glad Epictetus worked out for you. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Actually it is so good that I just stared to search for a German version of him for my uncle who currently has cancer.
            So thanks again, and I actually think that quarrels are a sign of affection (in opposition to an indifference)

            Liked by 1 person

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