Thoughts on Getting Fooled By the New Age/Spirituality Trend

I’ll admit, I was duped by the new age/spirituality trend for 3 years.

This includes law of attraction, crystal energy, reiki, Sedona cleansing, karmic debt, spiritual awakening, etc. Pretty much 90% of what I blogged about from 2017 to early 2020. I don’t believe in any of those things anymore and I’m very unapologetic about it 100%.

The reason why I started to believe in any of it was because of one word: “Hope”.

When I started this blog in 2017, I started to experience various forms of suffering I’d never experienced before. Like anyone who starts to experience unfamiliar and uncomfortable forms of adversity, I became very co-dependent on hope in order to get me out of the suffering I was experiencing.

Before I started to experience these new sufferings of life, I was an extroverted optimist and had a lot of great shit going for me. Therefore, how did I manifest any of this adversity in my life when I was completely happy and content prior to it happening? Hmmm….A spiritual “guru” would respond by saying it’s either “karmic debt” from a past lifetime, one of my “chakras” are blocked, or I have some limiting beliefs.

Basically, it’s all my fault and if I want to clear the karmic debt, chakras, limiting beliefs, I will have to fork over some cash first. And so I did. A lot of it.

I’ve had several reiki sessions, including getting my reiki level I and II attunements. I’ve purchased a ridiculous amount of crystals and other expensive spiritual healing tools to help “cleanse” my energy. I’ve made so many trips to Sedona and have spent a ridiculous amount of money there for healing, aura photos and psychics. But guess what, none of it worked out in the long run. Zero. Zilch. Nada. And for a minute, I really thought I couldn’t be helped and maybe needed an exorcist or something.

That was until the free will vs determinism debate came across my path. I wanted to know if free will existed because no matter what I contributed towards positivity, success, and good ethics, I always fell flat on my face.

Reading about determinism, specifically causal determinism that initiated from the Big Bang, is when I finally felt free from all the bullshit. It made me realize that for 3 years, I had been blaming myself for things that were completely out of my control.

The new age/spirituality concept emphasizes self blame. It makes you believe that regardless of how good of a person you think you are, if you cannot manifest the things you want or if you manifest the things you don’t want, you have some deep seeded problem and therefore, you’re the problem.

I know I may sound like an asshole for the way I turn my back on the new aged/spirituality trend, but I’m being honest and have integrity.

This is unlike all the spiritual gurus who take advantage of people solely for monetary gains. They never manifested their wealth from any good intentions or positive thinking. Rather, they deceived everyone to believe they did and cashed in on it. Any person with true good intentions would never rub their wealth in people’s faces. But because they all know most people desire things such as fancy cars and houses, that’s what they use as bait.

It’s really sad to become aware of this and I know people will try to bash me for it and say I definitely need “healing” due to my pessimistic outlook on this. But I’m a realist, (an optimistic one) so that goes with the territory. Besides, this is all a trend right now. And when there’s a trend, people develop confirmation biases.

When the majority start to finally realize this new age/spiritual stuff isn’t what they thought, the trend will die off and so will the income of all opportunistic spiritual gurus. Then these gurus will have to explain how they “manifested” it.

In fact, I think the pandemic has caused people to question spirituality, specifically law of attraction now that many jobs, businesses and lives have been lost. Would you agree?

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Getting Fooled By the New Age/Spirituality Trend

  1. I am surprised that no one did comment on this article so far, because it hits the nail on the head.
    For me, having dedicated myself for a quarter century to a specific yoga-meditation; I got such a great crisis within this year that I nearly dropped everything myself.
    It took me from spring up to now to slowly understand the madness covid triggered in a bunch of people.

    Overall I think that this is the time in which we are kicked out of our child-fairy-tale-dream-world on all levels:
    * On a spiritual level: Science now overwrites religion (church-masses are contagious risks and praying doesn’t do the trick, just as the law of attraction does not prove to simply “visualise the virus away”.
    * On a worldly level: The virus now shows us that the ones ignoring warning signs are the ones peeing into the drowning boat we all sit in. This is what applied to climate-change-deniers or refugee-haters for a long time: Our karma gets thrown in our faces, but now it hits closer to home.
    * And last but not least: We now see how ridiculous our capitalistic system is designed in which the wealthy automatically get richer by being able to charge interest, whilst the most simple solution – a universal basic income – would by now longtime have solved everyones corona-problems including the upcoming issues of mass-unemployment due to robotics and artificial intelligence.
    Here another take on the absurdity of consumerism in covid-times:


  2. Actually, after contemplation, I actually do think that you did not turn your back on spirituality:
    You simply are currently undergoing your very own spiritual process in the loneliness of the wilderness like David Thoreau in Walden.
    To me the typical wellness- and consumeristic yuppy-yoga seems much less spiritual than your authentic hermitic hermeticism.


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