Top 3 Books to Read When Life Hasn’t Been Going Your Way

Since the COVID-19 became a pandemic, many people around the world have been forced to face the ugliness of adversity. During these difficult times, the last thing most people want to be offered are book recommendations. I know this because as much as I love books, I hated reading because I found many books lost … Continue reading Top 3 Books to Read When Life Hasn’t Been Going Your Way

Appreciating Social Media Apps For What They Are

For the last couple of years, I removed myself from social media. I solely blamed social media apps on the corruption of people. However, I was wrong. Social media apps were designed to be tools used for communication, entertainment and business, not for destroying our self worth and well being. To use the tools of … Continue reading Appreciating Social Media Apps For What They Are

Rockabye Amygdala

Happiness, joy, motivation, inspiration, resilience, grit, determination and all those other really sweet positive emotions are available to us anytime. The one thing that keeps us from experiencing these emotions is an overactive amygdala or what I call a crybaby amygdala. It's like trying to watch a good movie when all of a sudden your … Continue reading Rockabye Amygdala

Material Abundance Vs. Emotional Abundance

Which would you rather have? Material abundance - Lots of money, a nice house, a nice car, expensive jewelry, vacations all over the world, expensive food, your own helicopter, romantic person of interest, etc. Emotional abundance - Joy, gratitude, happiness, patience, acceptance, forgiveness, etc. A year ago, I would've said material abundance because who would … Continue reading Material Abundance Vs. Emotional Abundance

EnChroma Glasses for My Soul

The other day I found out what EnChroma glasses were. No joke! I was watching random YouTube videos and a video about the reactions of wearing them for the first time came up. I know YouTube has some algorithm method but no clue how this came into the equation. Anyways, it was a video on … Continue reading EnChroma Glasses for My Soul